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 Welcome to our Campaign's website!

We have our sights set on the District 23 Congressional seat in 2024!  My job as an elected official is to represent, care for, and protect my constituents.  You have my word that will be my focus.  

Our Democracy and Free and Fair elections are at stake!  It’s time to only select candidates that are serious, honest, and have the best interests of the American people at heart.  Help me restore integrity to the government, protect elections and improve our congressional process!

The key to doing the best for each one of you is finding the middle ground that represents our district.  The days of ‘my way or the highway’ politics must give way to what is beneficial to those of us in the center.  I promise to address the issues that most affect our under-represented district and offer solutions that will best benefit all of our people.  

I believe in and will work toward –

  • Securing Social Security and Medicare for the future,
  • Supporting Military issues and improving care for Veterans,
  • Strengthening our Southern Border while passing meaningful Immigration policies,
  • Reducing crime and gun violence through preventative and pro-active measures,
  • Continue to bring good paying jobs home to America,
  • Improving healthcare for all americans, 
  • Promoting educational and vocational programs to meet the nation's needs,
  • Supporting environmental, banking, and farm-friendly regulations, and more!

I support traditional policies in terms of the military, law and order, financial conservatism, small government, personal freedom and accountability.  Unlike many in Congress today, I will always work to effectively manage our tax dollars by reducing excessive government spending. 

The politics of hate, racism and racial inequality factored strongly into my decision to step into politics.  Having grown up during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, I believed we had made significant and lasting progress in race relations.  Sadly, the 2022 events in Buffalo and at the Chatauqua Institution, in addition to the rhetoric of this political era, demonstrate the deep-rooted problem that persists and is still propagated by extremists.  We must stop the discrimination and hate on all groups, including the recent rise of anti-semitism.

Gun violence has permeated our lives from students to shoppers to people enjoying an evening jog.  The state of Maine, Buffalo, Uvalde, Parkland, Pittsburgh and hundreds of other cases have shown us the horrific results of ‘weapons of war’ in the wrong hands.  As a gun owner, a father, and a grandfather, I believe gun owners, retailers and gun manufacturers need to come together to promote common sense gun safety while still protecting our citizens and the 2nd Amendment.  Additionally, mental and psychological healthcare funding has been reduced to the point that we have to address it going forward, to prevent those that are 'ill' from causing harm to others.

As an independent-minded, Democratic candidate for the congressional seat, I am your best bet to support traditional, American ideals.  We are and always have been a Democratic Republic, based on rule of law, free and fair elections, and equality for all.  We all know that politicians and the media try their best to keep us divided - it is good business for both groups!  Whether or not we let them keep us divided is up to us.  
I’m asking you to take a closer look at what binds us together as human beings – our homes, our jobs, our children, our aging parents.  We all want the best for ourselves and our families, and that’s our common ground!  
If you would like to see a common-sense and common ground approach to legislating, please share my site with others in the 23rd district!  If you can help me succeed in another way, let me know!  And when we meet on the road, please share your experiences with me, as well as your concerns!  I welcome your input!
Let's get ready for the election in 2024, where we come together for democracy! 
The congressional chaos that serves none of us must end! 
I am running for important reasons and one of those reasons is you! 
 tc in '24!


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